People told to oppose bid to destroy biodiversity of Aranmula

Leader of the Opposition V.S. Achuthanandan has called upon the people to form a human fortress to check any invasion of the Aranmula Puncha (paddy-cum-wetland) by ‘land-grabbers and the corporate lobby.’

Mr. Achuthanandan was addressing an indefinite satyagraha launched by the all-party Joint Action Council, chaired by social activist Sugathakumari, in protest against the proposed private airport project at Aranmula on Thursday.

The land lobby, backed by the government, was out to destroy the biodiversity-rich Aranmula Puncha, wetlands, the Pampa, and various small natural streams in the name of development.

The airport project would ultimately destroy the drinking water source of the region, he said.

Lauding the firm resolve of people to protect the Aranmula Puncha from the threats posed by State-sponsored land lobby, Mr. Achuthanandan offered all support to the agitation.