Staff Reporter

Thiruvananthapuram: Repeated Tetanus toxoid (TT) injection following every trivial injury is not only unwarranted, but dangerous too, according to A. Parthasarathy, former professor of Paediatrics, Medical College, Chennai.

Delivering speech on Paediatric and Adolescent immunisation at a meeting organised by the Indian Academy of Paediatrics here recently, Dr. Parthasarathy said that repeated TT injections, without considering the previous immunisation status of the individual, could lead to reduced immunogenicity and hypersensitivity, leading to allergic reactions.

He said that after seven doses of TT, it was enough that a booster shot was taken at a three to five year interval. Dr. Parthasarathy said that vaccinations for typhoid, Hepatitis A and Varicella should be administered to children and adolescents who are staying in hostels.