Priyadarsini K.M., who won the first prize in the Kathakali Music (Girls), had sung in the memory of her guru, the late Kathakali music maestro Kalamandalam Hyderali.

A student of St. Teresa's HSS, Shoranur, Priyadarsini had been studying Kathakali music under Kalamandalam Hyderali and Kalamandalam Babu Nambootiri. As Hyderali was not always available for tutoring her, Priyadarsini would listen to his songs using audiocassettes.

Whenever the maestro was free, she would get direct coaching from him.


This was the third time that Priyadarsini was winning the first prize in Kathakali music. She had sung a part from Nalacharitham - 4th Day, beginning 'Khoravipinam... ..' She has also won the first prize in Classical Music.

The lines from Nalacharitham were found to be more popular among the young participants. 'Vijane... ' from the 3rd Day of Nalacharitham, 'Vasthram pathrikakal kondu varika... ' from 2nd Day of Nalacharitham, and 'Harinakshi... ' from 'Keechakavadham' were repeated often. 'Paridevitha... .' from Santhanagopalam was also heard.

The Kathakali Music (Girls) category had 16 participants, but one did not appear.

Two participants had gained qualification through appeals.

The boys' competition started only at 3 p.m. instead of 1.30 p.m. In this section, Harikrishnan K.R., tenth class student of HCC EMHSS, Snehagiri, Mala, Thrissur, bagged the first prize. He had also rendered 'Khoravipinam... ' from Nalacharitham.

His guru is Kalanilayam Rajeev. Harikrishnan has also won A grade for Classical Music (Boys).

The total number of participants for Kathakali Music (Boys) was 17, which means there were three who came with the support of appeals.

Renu Ramanath