Joby Chuvannamannu drives an autorickshaw for a living. In his spare time, he makes films.

For his latest telefilm, ‘Unarvu', he joins hands with a group whom the autorickshaw drivers would like to avoid: the police. The film is on crime and criminal psychology. And who knows the subject better than the police?

Mr. Joby has got some of the top cops to appear in his one-hour film. Thrissur Police Commissioner P. Vijayan plays himself in it. “Crime in the city will be checked at any cost,” he utters in the film.

Scenes of the commissioner sharing his views on preventing crime were shot here on Tuesday. “A brief speech delivered by the Commissioner will be included,” Mr. Joby says.

The other cops who have promised to appear in the film include Assistant Commissioner T.K. Thomas, Special Branch Deputy Superintendent of Police K.B. Suresh Kumar, Thrissur Town West Circle Inspector C.S. Rajesh and Special Branch Circle Inspector P.S. Suresh and Women's Cell Circle Inspector Elizabeth. Vicar General Francis Alappatt is also expected to join in.

“The roles of a medical shop owner and café assistant will be played by cops,” Mr. Joby adds.

The film looks into what makes a person commit crime. It studies the wills, intentions, thoughts and reactions of criminals. It also portrays how the families of criminals suffer.

The production crew includes Reji N. Poulose (producer), Jisha Rejith (photography) and Thrissur Viswam (screenplay). Mr. Joby had earlier directed telefilms Balipravukal' and ‘Satante Vikrithakal', on the plight of child beggars and the evils of alcohol. He derives his subjects from the common features of city life. “An autorickshaw driver sees it all. He sees the dark underbelly of the city,” Mr. Joby says.