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Railways should be more lenient

The approach of Railways towards season ticket holders, mostly office-goers and students, is unbecoming of such an authority. Kanyakumari-Mumbai Express is the only train that reaches the city by 9.30 a.m. The next two trains – Vanchinad and Inter-City — are always late. This is the reason why commuters are forced to board the Mumbai train.

There are very limited number of general compartments. But for entering the reserved coach, though not permissible, the commuters do not have any other option. Railways should show some leniency towards the commuters. Railways can consider adding more general coaches or permitting the commuters to travel in reserved coaches without putting other passengers to difficulty. The commuters’ actions should not been seen as unlawful, and imposing heavy penalties on them is inhuman.

G. Muraleedharan


Pedestrians’ lives at risk

Pedestrians face a grave danger to their lives at RMS Junction, Thampanoor, as there are no permanent vehicle regulating systems at this point. At times, one policeman or two is personnel are put on duty here but their shift ends by 7 p.m. and after that, there is no one to help the pedestrians cross the road. Vehicles coming from Overbridge, Thampanoor bus-stand, Manjalikulam Road all go via this point. A traffic signal should be installed at the junction with immediate effect.

V.K. Kumar


For a peaceful

old age

The report ‘Pakal Veedu for senior citizens’ ( The Hindu , July 16), was worth reading. Today, the elderly hope for affection and companionship from their children, but many do not get these for various reasons. Children mostly live away from their parents, even outside the State or country. Visits to parents are usually limited to once a year. Then there are senior citizens who are deserted by their children with an eye on their assets. The ‘Pakal Veedu’ can be a boon for people who are in the evening of their lives.

T.V.R. Potti