Implementing the orders

The order of the Government of Kerala banning spitting and blowing the nose in public places on the directive of the Kerala High Court is welcome. But the very spirit of the Government in passing the order should also be reflected in implementing it strictly. Providing spittoons on roads and public places and office compounds, and installing boards and banners for public awareness are all part of the order of implementation process. The officials designated to carry out the order should also be more strict and uncompromising.

There are other previous orders also in force for public discipline like ban on public smoking, prohibiting gents from occupying ladies' seats in private and public transports which are more or less resting on paper and are violated even by the designated officials. As such the officers concerned should be given awareness classes on the subjects and a separate cell of officers should be formed to implement the orders. The officials who fail to carry out the orders should be punished. The bus conductors should be empowered to see that gents are not occupying the ladies' seats in public vehicles and those conductors who do not follow up the order should be penalised. Merely passing orders of discipline by the Government will not fetch the results expected of it.

H. Ravikumar Pai


Ferry licence

It is unfortunate to see the news of objections raised by the Chief Inspector of Boats in the case of

the 10 new fibre-reinforced plastic boats built by the Kerala State Inland Navigation Corporation

Limited (KSINC) for the State Water Transport Department (SWTD) merely on the grounds of the over 100-year-old Travancore-Cochin Canal Rules.

We condemn the attitude of the department for not granting the licence while the boats have complied with all the safety standards prescribed by the Indian Register of Shipping (IRS) and also while the Mercantile Marine Department under the Central Ministry of Shipping has also approved the prescribed safety standards.

As far as backwaters of Kochi are concerned, for plying boats, the licence granted by the Cochin Port Trust under the Harbour Craft Rules is more than enough. Under the circumstances, the Paschimakochi Passengers' Association urge the Chief Inspector of Boats and also the Kerala State Ministry of Transports to remove the unnecessary hurdles under the lapsed age-old technicalities.

The Association also demand the intervention of Mattancherry MLA V.K. Ebrahim Kunju to remove the hurdles created by certain quarters in the State Water Transport Department and to ensure that the boats are put in service immediately, especially at a time when there is inadequate number of boats to ferry people in Mattancherry-Willingdon Island-Fort Kochi-Ernakulam terry route.

Plea to Minister

As the regional office of the Water Transport Department, Ernakulam, is not undertaking the repair of boats on time, the passengers are facing a lot of difficulty. This has also led to conflicting


I request the Transport Minister to kindly intervene and direct the regional office to undertake the repairs on a war footing.

S. Padmanabha Mallya

Secretary, Paschimakochi

Passengers' Association