Philanthropism can manifest in different ways.

It could also mean staging a `ganamela' on impromptu stages at street corners in the city, and rural settings too (with permission from the authorities).

Kozhikode city and its suburbs have been witnessing a rather unusual spectacle since the last couple of days.

A group of youth under the banner of the Kochi-based City Beats has been going round soliciting assistance from the public for 14-year-old Shameer who is undergoing treatment at the Regional Cancer Centre in Thiruvananthapuram for a serious malady.

The mobile `ganamela' proved to be a great crowd - puller, as the members of the orchestra led by singer P.A. Shihad rendered evergreen lilting film tunes from Malayalam, Hindi and Tamil cinema.

The overcast sky and the intermittent spells of rain provided the right ambience to listen to the soothing melodies.

The public were quick to respond, and generous contributions poured in for the medical treatment of Shameer.

The City Beats initiative too came in for commendable praise.

Last year too, the Kochi-based City Beats had contributed a sizeable sum for providing medical treatment to Unni.