Despite having no formal training in art, K. Preman, a retired Assistant Sub Inspector with the Puducherry Police, has created more than a hundred pictures during his 40 years in service. Now, after retirement, he has opened an art gallery here, Prem Art Gallery.

Preman, a resident of Mahe, says that except for one of his siblings who is a photographer, none in his family was into any creative arts.

No formal training

Colours enchanted him at a young age and he drew landscapes and portraits. His learning of art is limited to a few camps he attended at Mahe some years ago.

The service timings restricted him from devoting more time to his passion, which he pursues with added zeal in his retired life now.

Preman has worked in several mediums, but prefers acrylic.

“Watercolour requires to be finished faster and gives no room for correction,” he says. His strength, he feels, is his skill to project the light-and-shade aspect cleverly.

Almost all his landscapes have this feature. His preferred colours are yellow and green, majorly used for trees and leaves to depict various seasons.

“Violet, a bright colour, is another favourite as it can be used for contrast to enhance the overall appearance of the picture,” he says.

Works gifted

Several of Preman’s pictures have been gifted to his colleagues and higher officials in Mahe and Thalassery. Portraits, his forte, have brought him many admirers. That skill even helped the department he served when produced the sketches of some ‘wanted men’.

Preman has also reproduced several famous paintings.

The ongoing festival of Feast of St. Theresa of Avila here is bringing many visitors to his gallery and a good number of his works have been sold.