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‘Literacy and health should be the growth parameters'

‘Thrust should be on sustainable development'

Thrissur to focus on agriculture, infrastructure

Thrissur: People's welfare, not economic growth, should be the indicator of development, C. Raveendranath, MLA, has said.

He was addressing a development seminar organised by the Thrissur Corporation here on Wednesday. “While India claims enormous growth on the basis of the Gross Domestic Product, millions of marginalised people are starving. For them unemployment, malnutrition and epidemic are routine affairs.”

He said that the Human Development Index, which indicates parameters such as life expectancy, literacy rate, health and food security, should be the criteria for assessing development, instead of GDP. When India stood at fourth place in respect of GDP, the country's rank in Human Development Index was 130 out of 172 countries, he said.

Key factors

“Thrust should be on increase in production, equal distribution of resources, conservation of environment and law and order control as they are the key factors that ensure sustainable development of society,” he said.

Mayor R. Bindu said that Corporation's People's Plan for 2010-11 would focus on the development of agriculture sector and infrastructure. Slum development and E.M.S. Housing Scheme will be other areas. “The District Planning Committee has given sanction for 523 projects in 2009-10. About 72 per cent of the Plan fund was utilised for various projects,” she said.