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World Epilepsy Day to be observed today

  • `80 per cent of those with epilepsy can be cured'
  • Stress on proper diagnosis

    Kozhikode: Proper medical care, counselling and cordial ambience can help a patient with epilepsy lead an independent life, K.A. Salam, neurologist, has said.

    He said that a patient with epilepsy had problems just as patients with hypertension, diabetes and heart ailment. "But society looks at epilepsy from a different angle. Many taboos are heaped on it, in marriage, pregnancy, employment and recreation," said Dr. Salam on the eve of the observance of World Epilepsy Day on Friday.

    He said that five to six out of 1,000 persons in India suffer from some form of epilepsy. Majority of patients are young and the disorder afflicted them during the most impressionable period of their lives. However, the scientific community made tremendous strides in diagnosing, understanding and treating epilepsy from the latter half of the 20th century.

    "About 80 per cent of those with epilepsy can be cured or their symptoms well controlled to a socially acceptable degree. Newer methods of treatment and surgery can now be offered to the remaining 20 per cent." Proper diagnosis was the key to success in epilepsy treatment