She is the best thing about Notebook. In a sea of new faces in Rosshan Andrrews' second film, Roma stands out in the lead role of Sarah Elizabeth.

She says a lot of hard work, by herself and the director, has gone into bringing Sarah to life on screen. She had a task on her hand not just because she had no experience in acting; she did not know Malayalam. "I am based in Chennai and my parents are from Delhi, so language was a problem," she says. "But we had a workshop before we began the film's shooting, which made things easier."

Roma is pleasantly surprised by the way the film industry and the audience have reacted to her performance in Notebook. "I felt on top of the world when director Priyadarshan called me up to say that he liked my work in the film," she says. "Actress Bhavana also called me up recently to say that she enjoyed my work."

Roma is now preparing for her B.Com final year examinations. She knows expectations will be high after Notebook. "I know it will be a tough act to follow. But I want to do more roles like that."