Pedestrians will be the last in the list of priorities for the City Traffic Police, at least for the next couple of years.

The traffic in the city is expected to go topsy-turvy as the demolishing of North Railway Overbridge starts by next week. Along with that M.G. Road up to Jos Junction and Banerjee Road are also being widened. The traffic has already been restricted to single lane at busy Pallimukku junction due to drainage works.

“We were planning to have proper road markings along Kaloor-High Court stretch and also Sahodaran Ayyappan Road, complete with signage on parking and all. But once the construction works begin, we will have to adapt to situations as they evolve in the real space,” said K.R. Premkumar, Assistant Commissioner of Police, City Traffic (West).

The construction of North Overbridge and widening of arterial roads, as part of the Metro Rail Project, has been given a deadline of two years for completion. Till then, all efforts to regulate pedestrian movement will be futile, it is generally felt.

The City Police had initiated some steps towards this direction, especially with the construction of medians along busy roads to check random crossing of the road. It was meant to make pedestrians use the zebra crossing for moving across the road. Also, more personnel were deployed at busy junctions. However, careless crossing of the road is rampant in the city, making it hard to bring in some sort of order, feel policemen in the field.

Another problem that the City Police faced in regulating the pedestrian movement was the absence of footpaths altogether in many parts of the city, thanks to the encroachment by street vendors.