A large collection of heritage products that are no longer in vogue, exhibited at the social science fair being held as part of the ongoing Kerala State School Science Fair here, attracted curiosity of visitors.

Most of the items displayed by the students and teachers of the Najath Higher Secondary School at Mattool here at the Elayavur C.H. Memorial Higher Secondary School here were once part of the social and cultural life of people in the region.

The exhibition was not part of any competition under the ongoing science fair. “We collected these heritage items over the past few years as part of ‘Collections’ category in the Revenue District and Sub District science fair in the lower primary section,” said Asha Sreejith, a teacher who assists the students in collecting heritage artefacts.

The exhibition was held just to showcase the items and introduce the idea of having such collections at schools. The products on display included different types of boxes that were once popular in households: boxes for keeping ornaments, clothes, documents, among others. Various old measuring vessels known as ‘para’, ‘naazhi,’ and ‘ser’ drew much curiosity.

‘Nazhikavatta,’ an old instrument for measuring time; a cannon ball; and different types of baskets, pots, and agricultural implements were exhibited by the school. Ms. Sreejith said the vintage items were collected by students themselves from the households in the area.