Special Correspondent

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Ombudsman for Local Self-Government Institutions M.R. Hariharan Nair has ordered an inquiry by the joint director of Panchayats Sadanandan into the reported assault on tribesfolk, including women and children, at Chelasserykunnu Colony in Nilambur allegedly by a group led by a local panchayat member.

The tribesfolk were allegedly assaulted when they resisted a move by the panchayat member and others to encroach on their property to unload granite for the construction of an anganwadi building.

Report sought

The assailants also allegedly contaminated the drinking water source of the colony by dumping waste into it and set fire to some trees in the colony.

The Ombudsman has asked the joint director to file a detailed report after a site inspection.

The Ombudsman has stayed all further processing and construction activities relating to the anganwadi building.

He has directed the secretary of the Nilambur grama panchayat to ensure that there is no further intrusion into the property of the tribesfolk or attempts to unload granite or other construction materials in their properties.

He has asked the secretary of Nilambur grama panchayat to report to him the name of the panchayat member involved in the incident.