The government has not initiated any major steps towards controlling the steep rise of essential commodities as a result of which common people are facing a tough time to manage the house budget. The shortage of rice in the Civil Supplies-run Maveli stores will further push the inflation up. What remedial measures are being taken by the authorities concerned to rein in the skyrocketing prices of essential commodities?

—Eloor Gopinath, Ernakulam

District Collector Sheikh Pareeth

Efforts will be made to arrest the steep rise of essential commodities by setting up special fairs during the Onam festival. Sufficient quantity of rice and other items will be made available through Maveli outlets throughout the State during the coming days. At the same time, provisions, vegetables and other consumer items will be available on subsidized rates from the Onam fair markets which will be arranged one month in advance of Onam.

We see many pedestrians crossing the roads while on phones. It is suggested that zero signaling — allowing all pedestrians to cross the roads stopping vehicles from all directions — be implemented at major signal points. Such system is available in cities like Bangalore, where even an audio signal/separate sound signs are set up at pedestrian crossings.

—Unnikrishnan. V.,


City Police Commissioner K.G. James

The traffic police authorities alone cannot impose rules on pedestrians to use zebra crossings at busy junctions. And also with the existing road pattern, pedestrians are crossing the roads at different places. But to a certain extent pedestrians can be made to cross the roads at busy junctions only when railings are erected on medians so that they will not have any options other than zebra crossings.

But, it is the basic and social responsibility of every citizen to adhere to the road safety norms. As part of the road safety awareness drive, we have been conveying messages to the public about the importance of using zebra lines to cross the roads on a safety point of view.

In the next Road Safety meeting, we will bring it to the notice of the authorities about the idea of providing audio signals or alert messages at junctions for pedestrians to use zebra crossing.

No action has been taken on the bad condition of the Kovilvattom Road till date even though the corporation Mayor has assured to look into the matter. To make matters worse, stray dogs have multiplied on this road, posing a threat to school students.

—D. Madhukar Rao,

Kovilvattom Road

Corporation Mayor

Tony Chammany

As mentioned in my earlier response letter, the work for Kovilavattom Road has been included under the Janakiyasoothranam and the work has already been tendered and awarded to a contractor. All works under Janakiyasoothranam for the year 2012-2013 is in progress. However, the road works are delayed due to monsoon.

Complied by

K.K. Sankaran