KSEB engineers’ union to launch awareness campaign

The KSEB Engineers Association will launch a State-wide campaign to mitigate the State’s energy crisis by bringing down power consumption.

At a press conference here on Friday, the district chairman of the association, S. Rajendran said that the programme was not aimed at curtailing necessary consumption, but to create awareness against unnecessary consumption. The consumer would get a reduced bill too, he said.


The association decided on the programme because even in the face of energy crisis, consumption was not coming down.

“What is urgently required is an appreciable drop in consumption during the evening peak hour. A climb in consumption during this period forces the KSEB to purchase costly power,” he said.

Mr. Radhakrishnan said the programme aimed at guiding people to use electric gadgets wards judiciously.

A chart prepared by the association would be distributed to consumers.

The chart suggests that electrical gadgets such as refrigerators be switched off during peak hours.

Consumers should try to buy fridges which are marked 3-star and above. Such fridges consume only 30 units per month.

CF lamps must be used as far as possible. TV watching must be restricted to three hours a day.

Induction cooker

Mr. Radhakrishnan said an induction cooker consumed more than 1.2 units of power an hour and air conditioner, 2 units. Careful monitoring of electric meter would also be helpful.

The association would conduct 100 awareness classes in Kollam district.

Twenty-five experts had been trained for the purpose. Institutions or groups interested in attending the class can contact Mr. Rajendran on phone number 9446008267.