Water bodies in the district are under severe threat of pollution and if it goes unchecked it will soon lead to an environmental disaster. In the wake of growing threat of climate change and increasing awareness of environmental protection, will the authorities chalk out a plan to clean up all the water bodies in the district and to control pollution? And also spread awareness among the people about the importance of preserving our precious water resources?

-- Neelima K M, Vyttila

District Collector Sheikh Pareeth:

The Kerala High Court has given several directives for the conservation and protection of water bodies. But, people dumping waste into canals and other water sources is a cause for concern. We will take up measures such as protecting the boundaries of the canals with wire mesh to a certain height to stop the depositing of waste materials.

Water bodies should be de-silted to remove silt and other unwanted materials for which the Irrigation Department has been asked to prepare reports. In my opinion, it is the right time to think of using water transport. We will have transportation vessels from Vyttila to Infopark within a month. The Kadambrayar River is also a major natural water source in the city.

The busy Vyttila Junction does not have a Supplyco supermarket. There are Supplyco outlets on MG Road, Panampilly Nagar and Gandhi Nagar. Local residents have to go to the city braving the traffic to purchase necessary items from these outlets. If an outlet of Supplyco is opened at Vyttila Junction it will be useful to residents of the area and also to persons frequenting this junction. Hope the authorities concerned will look into this.

--Beena Job, Vyttila

District Collector Sheikh Pareeth:

The request of the reader for a Supplyco supermarket in Vyttila is a genuine one and we have taken up the matter with the authorities concerned. We will discuss the issue to ascertain the progress at the next District Development Committee meeting.

There is a barricade on either side of a pocket road connecting Bund Road and Janatha Road causing inconvenience to motorists. Hope the authorities look into this and do the needful to facilitate smooth flow of traffic.

--Aravind K.N., Vyttila

Police Commissioner K.G. James:

It appears that the barricade has been kept for laying water pipeline to a residential apartment. We have to find out whether those involved have obtained permission to set up the barricade for the work, and, if so, for how many days. Suitable action will be initiated.

Compiled by

K.K. Sankaran