Polling officials, on Saturday, began cracking the whip to enforce the code of conduct for the Assembly elections.

The officials seized a vehicle that was being used for campaigning in the city without valid permit. A large number of unauthorised posters were removed in the Vadakara constituency. The authorities warned that the vigil would continue in the coming days.

The vehicle that was seized was used in campaigning in Kozhikode South without the requisite permission to use a mike. Neither did it have a permit from the Returning Officer as required under the rules. The vehicle will remain in police custody till the elections are over.

The officials inspected posters put up by various parties and removed those that were not in compliance with the Election Commission's guidelines. They blackened some posters of the Left Democratic Front (LDF) and the United Democratic Front (UDF) candidates pasted on compound walls by the roadside on Kottaram Road in the city. Posters, banners and flags were removed from public places in the Vadakara constituency.

In all, 785 election materials were removed, 312 belonging to the UDF, 192 to the LDF and 113 put up by the Bharatiya Janata Party candidates. As many as 81 flags and posters of independents were also pulled down as these had been put up in public places.

District Collector P.B. Salim said action had been initiated under provisions of the Representation of the People Act against those heads of offices and institutions who had failed to submit on time the list of employees for election duty.

Those officials who have not submitted through the taluk tahsildar a convincing explanation for the lapse have been advised to contact the election office at the District Collectorate on Tuesday and Wednesday.