Leaders of the Adivasi Dalit Munnetta Samithy leading the Arippa agitation for land in Kollam district has alleged that there is a conspiracy by the government with the help of the ruling and the Opposition parties to torpedo the agitation which has crossed 200 days.

At a press conference here on Thursday, president of the Samithy Sreeraman Koyyon said that while the Congress and the CPI(M) supporters braced against each other over the solar scam, both the parties had joined hands to defeat the Arippa agitation.

He said the Chief Minister had invited the Samithy leaders for talks on July 3 to find a solution to the agitation. But the talks proved to be a farce since the government insisted only on three cents of land for each family. But the agitation was for agricultural land too as a means of livelihood, he said.

He said that in protest against the attitude of a section of political parties to the agitation, the samithy would organise a ‘njaattuvela festival’ comprising various folk arts at the agitation venue. In the evening, a land agitation campaign rally and a public meeting would also be held at Chozhiyakode.