The Crime Branch on Thursday told the Kerala High Court that the movements and activities of the family members of V.A.. Mohanan alias Mithila Mohan, a city-based liquor contractor, who was murdered in 2006, should be verified.

In a statement, K.G. Simon, Crime Branch Superintendent of Police said that only Mahesh, one of the sons of Mohan, had approached the High Court seeking a CBI probe. Three other sons had stated that they would not seek a CBI probe. The police statement was filed in response to a writ petition by Mr. Mahesh seeking a CBI probe into the murder.

The statement said that 200 witnesses had been questioned.

Seeking three more months to complete the probe, the SP said that the police had not been able to get any clue on the perpetrators of the crime.

All the habitual offenders in Kochi had been thoroughly interrogated. The police had also questioned Satheesh Kalya, a sharp shooter and an accused in the murder of the Mumbai-based crime reporter J. Dey.

Satheesh Kalya, a Keralite, was arrested 15 days after his marriage. His wife and mother had also been questioned. However, the police could not find any evidence to suggest his involvement in the case. Besides, the crime branch also ruled out the involvement of a Bangalore bar owner, Remesh, in the case. The statement also said that Manoj, the elder son of Mohan, had denied possessing a revolver similar to the one used for the crime. He was questioned on the basis of information that he had concealed the revolver used for gunning down Mohan in a car.

He had purchased the revolver after the death of Mohan, Mr. Manoj had said. The police also told the court that the bank transactions and activities of Anoosh of Vennala, who had borrowed Rs.5 lakh from Mohan, had to be verified. The property of Anoosh had been taken over by Mohan following his failure to repay the amount.

According to the petitioner, his father was murdered by a professional killer. Though there were indications of the involvement of several influential persons in the case, the police had not done anything to arrest them, the petitioner said.

The petitioner said a thorough investigation into the activities of Mohan’s business rivals would bring out the truth.

Police seek three more months to complete the probe; no clue yet on

the killers.