The police have issued guidelines for conducting services of school buses ahead of the beginning of the new academic year. As per the guidelines, there should be a door checker for each vehicle to help children enter and alight from the bus safely.

The school authorities should ensure that only persons having a minimum experience of ten years in school buses are appointed as drivers. There should be an emergency exit in the vehicle. The vehicles without proper fitness certificates will be seized. The number of children travelling in the bus should not exceed the seating capacity of the bus and at least two staff members in the teachers’ grade should travel in the vehicle to ensure the implementation of the guidelines.

A senior official of the police department said that usage of sun shades was against the guidelines issued by the department. Parents can file complaints in case school buses are found violating security norms, including over speeding. He said a special team would check the speed of the buses and action would be taken against the school authorities of over speeding buses. The allowed speed limit of the buses on the school premises is 15 kmph. More policemen will be deployed for helping students to0 cross the roads near the schools.

The autorikshaws and taxis carrying school children will also be checked for overcrowding. Children will not be allowed to travel on the drivers’ seat in the autorikshwas and there should be enough space for carrying the school bags. In remote areas where jeeps conduct services for school students, the drivers should ensure that students are travelling with comfort by not allowing them to stand or sit uncomfortably during the journey. On the ghat roads, policemen will be deployed to check rash driving, he said.