Staff Reporter

KOLLAM: The Pathanapuram police have closed in on those responsible for the double murder at Pathanapuram on Sunday. The police expect to arrest the accused by early morning on Tuesday.

Varghese, 70, and his granddaughter, Christie, 7, were brutally beaten to death by the killers. They then looted cash and ornaments from the house. At that time, only Varghese and Christie were present at the house.

Following the murders, the police tailed a group of migrant labourers from Tamil Nadu. Varghese's house was under renovation and the labourers were engaged in the work.

The family stayed in one room of the house in order to facilitate the renovation work. Picking up clues from the site of crime, the police suspected some of the migrant labourers to have a hand in the killings.

Seven of them were taken into custody on Monday for questioning. It was on the basis of the information available from them that the killers were identified.

The police believe that two men committed the murders. The name of one of them has been identified as Ayyappan.