Manufacturers demand Rs.15 a litre

: The Kerala Bottled Water Manufacturers Association (KBWA) has urged the government to fix the maximum retail price (MRP) of 1 litre of packaged drinking water at Rs.15. The organisation, with about 80 members, has apprised the government of the arbitrary increase in prices by certain players in the market, its president M.E. Mohammed said.

Addressing a press conference here on Thursday, he said the price hike adopted by certain manufacturers was intended to capture the market through unethical means. The retailer was getting a good margin, with the cost of production hovering around Rs.8.

Standardisation in prices would ultimately benefit the consumer, he said, adding that the product was sold at Rs.12 at railway stations through a separate supply chain.

Mr. Mohammed claimed that the members of the association strictly adhered to manufacturing practices under the Bureau of Indian Standards, which specified over 50 parameters.

About 3 lakh litres of packaged drinking water was marketed daily in the State, excluding water sold in jars by different players.

All 1-lt bottles containing packaged drinking water manufactured by the members of the KBWA will carry the emblem of the association.

  • ‘Certain companies increased the prices arbitrarily’

  • ‘Standardisation in prices will benefit the consumer’