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Nisa says proof of foul play exists

Compensation too low, says Muslim women’s forum

‘Law needed to protect girls taken to other States’

KOZHIKODE: The Nisa Progressive Muslim Women’s Forum has demanded a fool-proof probe into the death of Safia, a teenaged girl from Kasaragod.

V.P. Suhara of Nisa alleged that based on the details gathered from the family of the victim, there was enough proof to suspect foul play by the contractor and his family who had taken the young girl to Goa. Nisa alleged that the girl was subjected to sexual exploitation and said there was reason to doubt that she was pregnant at the time of her death. The accused, under the circumstances, was liable to be charged with various offences, including rape, under provisions of the Indian Penal Code, Ms. Suhara added.

The Crime Branch enquiry was now at a standstill. Since three States were involved, the compensation of Rs.2 lakh that had been announced was too meagre.

The forum did not want the case to be wound up on the ground that there were no eye witnesses. It appealed to the government to frame laws to protect hapless girls who were taken to neighbouring States on the pretext of providing employment.

Nisa will conduct a meeting at Nalanda Auditorium here on August 26 to discuss the serious issues thrown up by the death of the teenaged girl.