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Air and water polluted in Ambattukavu

  • Toxic substances found in Vadappally canal
  • 50 lorries dump waste in the area daily

    KOCHI: Association for Environment Protection, Aluva, has urged the authorities to take immediate action against those who dump toxic waste at Ambattukavu in Choornikkara panchayat.

    In a press release, the association representatives said that tanker lorries from Kerala and Tamil Nadu have been using this as a safe place for dumping chemical waste. Hundreds of people living in the area have been affected by the chemical contamination of natural resources, they said.

    Toxic substances have been detected in Kulathanam, Tharakandam and Vadappally canal near Ambattukavu. More than 50 lorries visit the area daily to dump toxic materials. Foul smell has been experienced in the area, as lorries carry waste containing sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid, phenol, benzene and toluene, the release said.

    The association has requested the panchayat authorities to take immediate action against lorries found dumping chemical waste into paddy fields and canals in Ambattukavu.