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Officials to meet on April 30 to discuss waste treatment facility

KOCHI: The Kochi Corporation will convene a meeting of the officials of the Kerala State Pollution Control Board and the Andhra Pradesh Technology Development Corporation (APTDC) on April 30 to discuss the progress on the setting up of the solid waste treatment plant at Brahmapuram.

This was announced by the Kochi Mayor Mercy Williams while replying to the debate in the council meeting on Monday.

The Mayor also assured the councillors that the concerns raised by them regarding the construction of the plant will be raised at the April 30 meeting.

Taking part in the discussion, several councillors expressed doubts whether the work of the plant will be over before May 18 as repeatedly assured by the Corporation. Doubts were also raised regarding the quality of work that was implemented at the site.

Ms. Williams dispelled the doubts of the councillors as unwanted and also assured the council that the work was progressing as planned earlier.

The faults in the work as pointed out earlier by the Assembly committee on Environment were not of serious nature and rectification works were progressing. The work of the leachet and storm water drains were almost over and the road formation work will be completed this week, she said.

However, A.B. Sabu, UDF leader in the council, said that the APTDC had stated that the Corporation and the district administration had pressurised it to start the work before allowing the settlement time for many of the basic works.

With this statement, the APTDC has already washed off its hands from the responsibility of any future damage that the plant might suffer, he said.

K.G. Dineshan, Vinney Teacher, P.S. Viju, K. J. Antony, T. J. Vinod, N. Venugopal and C. K. Gopalan were among those who participated in the discussion.