In the wake of ongoing improvement of junctions in the city

KSUDP submits proposals at a meeting chaired

by Mayor M. Bhaskaran

One-way rule proposed from Manorama Junction to East Nadakkavu

Kozhikode: Fresh proposals to streamline traffic are on the cards in the wake of the ongoing improvement of junctions in the city.

The Kerala Sustainable Urban Development Project (KSUDP), which is implementing the work, came out with the proposals at a meeting here on Wednesday. The proposals have been prepared by the Water and Power Consultancy Services (WAPCOS)-Institute for Societal Advancement (ISA) Consortium (Design Supervision and Construction).

Mayor M. Bhaskaran chaired the meeting. Deputy Mayor P.T. Abdul Latheef; KSUDP project manager K. Narayanan; retired Superintending Engineer K.K. Vijayan; Assistant Commissioner of Police (Traffic) K. Jayendran; and officials from the National Highways Authority of India and the Public Works Department; participated in the meeting.

One-way rule will be enforced from Manorama Junction to East Nadakkavu. At present, the one-way rule is imposed only during peak hours in the morning and evening. Vehicles reaching Wayanad Road from Kottaram Road will have to proceed to Manorama Junction and take a deviation to reach Kannur Road.

The length of the divider at the traffic island under construction at the Head Post Office junction will be reduced. This follows a suggestion from Mr. Jayendran, who said that the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) buses operating from Mananchira Square created traffic congestion at the junction.

Traffic island

Mr. Narayanan said construction of a traffic island had solved the problem of overtaking, especially by private buses, at the junction. The design of the junction, based on a scientific study, would enforce lane discipline among motorists, he said.

The construction of the island would also reduce accidents at the junction, which saw a number of such incidents. Students of Government Model Higher Secondary School and pedestrians were at a risk when they crossed the road at the junction, Mr. Narayanan said.

Traffic signals will be installed at Palayam Junction, Pushpa Junction and the Nadakkavu junction. The signal at Poonthanam Junction will be removed.

All the proposals will be implemented in consultation with the Traffic department soon. A committee has been formed to review the implementation of the proposals. It will meet on the last Friday of every month.

Plans have been made to solve the bottleneck at Oyitty Junction. A new overbridge and a new road will be constructed at the junction. It has been proposed that vehicles from the Palayam road will take the overbridge road. Vehicles will not be allowed to enter the Palayam road from the western side. The total cost of the project is Rs.6 crore, Mr. Narayanan said.

Another major proposal is to ban the entry of vehicles on the commercial Sweet Meat Street. Implementing one-way rule on Taj Road and banning parking of vehicles at the mouth of Oyitty Road have also been proposed.

Parking of vehicles has been suggested underneath the E.K. Nayanar Flyover at Arayadathupalam. Nearly 117 vehicles can be parked on both sides, Mr. Vijayan said.

Traffic regulations and relocation of bus stops have been mooted on Mavoor Road, Rajaji Road, Pavamoni Road, Poonthanam Junction, Palayam Junction, Stadium Junction, Pushpa Junction, Eranhipalam Junction, West Hill-Chungam Junction, Pottamal Junction, Medical College Junction and Mananchira.