No water for past three days in many parts of municipality

: The bursting of the main pipeline pumping water from Malampuzha reservoir to Mattumantha overhead water tank has resulted in the disruption of drinking water supply for the last three days in Palakkad municipality and six adjoining grama panchayats.

During the last three days, there was no water supply in many parts of Palakkad municipality and the adjacent grama panchayats resulting in great hardship to the people.

Bursts frequent

Pumping from Malampuzha water supply scheme used to get disrupted frequently due bursting of pipelines. Officials of the Kerala Water Authority (KWA) said repair of the damaged pipelines would take time. They said the 35-year-old pipeline had to be replaced to avoid frequent bursting.

But disruption of water supply was becoming a regular feature now, said one of the residents of Venkatesapuram Colony in the town.

Second time in a week

This was the second time in a week that water supply from Malampuzha was affected due to burst in the pipe line, he said.