Pinarayi slams culture of superstition

Communist Party of India Marxist [CPI(M)] State secretary Pinarayi Vijayan has said that deliberate efforts are being made to reintroduce superstitions and meaningless rituals in the name of religion in the State.

He was speaking after inaugurating a seminar on “Vagbhatananda and Kerala renaissance” at Onchiyam, near Vadakara, on Sunday, organised as part of the upcoming 20{+t}{+h}party congress of the CPI(M) here.

Mr. Vijayan said “human gods” outnumbered “real gods” in Hindu religion in the State these days.

“New idols are born every day in a land where Sree Narayana Guru had declared that there was no need for any idols to worship,” he said.

Criticising the growing tendency of religious sects and leaders to directly intervene in politics, he said things had come to such a stage that some of these groups even claimed to have acted behind selecting certain Ministers in the Cabinet. “This is no sign of a progressive move forward,” he said.

Mr. Vijayan reminded that the seeds of progressive politics began to grow in the State with the cultural and intellectual preparations made by the renaissance heroes of the land.

The leaders of Athmavidya Sangam were honoured during the function.

A book, Vagbhatananda Guru: the power of renaissance , jointly written by K.K.N. Kurup and M.S. Nair, was released by Mr. Vijayan on the occasion.

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