Staff Reporter

Thrissur: Communist Party of India (Marxist) State secretary Pinarayi Vijayan on Monday said no group in the State had the strength to launch another ‘Liberation Struggle.’

He was addressing a seminar on ‘the role of the Left in creation of a modern Kerala’ held as part of the State conference of the Communist Party of India here.

Reacting to a statement by Thrissur Archbishop Mar Andrews Thazhathu that rekindled memories of the Liberation Struggle in certain quarters, Mr. Vijayan said such threats were meaningless.

“He has issued the statement without understanding the State’s present condition. Liberation Struggle had its way (in 1959) not on account of the strength of those who spearheaded it, but because the Congress was powerful at the Centre then. Everyone knows the condition of the Congress at the Centre now. Such statements do not befit his (the Archbishop’s) stature,” Mr. Vijayan said.

He criticised the Archbishop’s statement that the government was trying to destroy the higher education sector because the party was failing to attract members.

“Our sense of decency prevents us from responding to such statements. He has remarked that the Kerala Education Rules revision is aimed at filling textbooks with the philosophy of atheism. Can he offer proof? Propagating atheism through textbooks is not the policy of the LDF. If they (the Church) have any complaint, we are ready for talks. But no one should try to intimidate us with such remarks,” he said.