Staff Reporter

‘Selling in small measures causes huge losses’

KOLLAM: Petrol dealers in Kollam will abide by the decision of the All Kerala Petroleum Dealers Association not to sell petrol below one litre. At a press conference here on Tuesday, district president of the association, S. Muraleedharan and secretary Reshmi Pillai said that the decision would be implemented from May 1.

They said that many customers, usually those who hire bikes, purchase petrol for even Rs.5. But selling petrol thus caused huge losses for the dealers.

Each time the pump is switched on for the purpose, the electricity charges work out to more than the commission.

They pointed out that even though the price of petrol had shot up over the years, their commission had not been hiked. The commission is based on litres and not the amount.

Compared to the current price of petrol, their commission stands well below 1 per cent, they said.