The State government should accept the responsibility for not enforcing a ban on Endosulphan in the State, said former Minister for Health K.K. Ramachandran Master.

In a press release on Saturday, he said that “all the hue and cry that the State government recently made” on the topic was just an attempt to get political mileage by blaming the Centre.

Endosulphan was banned in Kerala in 2001 when A.K. Antony was the Chief Minister. It was again banned while Oommen Chandy was the Chief Minister. Again in 2004, the Pollution Control Board issued a notification stating that use of Endosulphan in the State was subject to prosecution. The Plantation Corporation in Kasaragod and Mannarkkad stopped using the pesticide in 2001. But recently, it was seen that pesticides with the same chemical composition were being used, under a different name, throughout the State. Hence, the recent ban on Endosulphan by the board, as per the direction of Health Minister P.K. Sreemathy, was an attempt to take the credit for the ban for political gain, Mr. Ramachandran alleged.

He added that it was useless banning Endosulphan in the State alone, as the produce were imported to the State also contained this harmful chemical.