The State police will seek the sanction of the court to proceed against 10 key witnesses in the ‘Aprani’ Krishnakumar murder case on the ground that they had lied under oath.

Eleven witnesses had on their volition given statements to a magistrate under Section 164 of the CrPC. During trial, ten of them retracted their statements. They said they had given the statements under police intimidation. During examination, the magistrate concerned told the court that he had recorded their statements after they said under oath that their actions were on their own volition and not under any duress or pressure.

Special Public Prosecutor Sajan Prasad said he would move the court to prosecute the witnesses on the charge of perjury.

The offence entailed up to three years of imprisonment and fine. The murder case trial also saw the registration of four more cases against the accused on separate charges of attempting to murder, intimidating, and abducting key witnesses in the case. The court had also cancelled the bail of one of the accused, Om Prakash, on the charge of attempting to influence the course of the trial through extra judicial means.