Special Correspondent

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Former BJP State president C. K. Padmanabhan has said that a silent wave of resentment against both the UDF and the LDF is in the making in the State.

Participating in a `meet-the-press' programme here on Thursday, Mr. Padmanabhan said both the major fronts had lost credibility with the people on account of their lack of commitment to principles and their readiness to do business with all comers.

The people were saddened to see persons moving in and out of fronts without any care for principles or ideologies and the readiness of the rival alliances to take in even those who were just the other day speaking against them, Mr. Padmanabahan said.

The BJP leader regretted the prominence being given to the PDP leader Abdul Nasir Maudany by the rival fronts and the blind hatred towards the BJP visible on the campaign front.

He hoped that a `Karnataka-model' change would come about in Kerala none-too-distant future, but refused to elaborate how that would happen.

He said the BJP had decided to support former KPCC secretary T. Saratchandra Prasad, who is contesting as an independent candidate in the Thiruvananthapuram West constituency, on a request from him.

Endorsing what had been stated by party observer L. Ganesan on the subject, Mr. Padmanabhan said the support for Mr. Prasad was not based on any other condition.