Staff Reporter

KOCHI: The Joint Parliamentary Committee, headed by Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman K. Rahman Khan, has started its State tour.

The committee has been formed to study the implementation of the Wakf Act 1995, and the efficiency of the Wakf Board and institutions.

The committee held discussions with Wakf-related officials and legal experts about practical problems in invoking the Wakf Act for reclaiming Wakf properties that have been encroached upon or lost.

Members of the committee, Abdul Rashid Shahin, T.K. Hamsa, Mohammed Mukheem, Narayana Chandra Bordakki, Sabir Ali, Mohammed Amin, Sivanand Tiwari, Arunachala Sethi, and G. Nizamuddin, were present.

Kerala State Wakf Board chairman T.K. Saidalikutty made the introductory address. Rajya Sabha Secretary N.C. Joshi, director Ramacharyalu, Department for Welfare of Minorities Deputy Secretary M.S. Akthar and officials of the Rajya Sabha and of the department were present along with State Wakf Board members P.V. Sainudeen and Husain Madavoor, chief executive officer B.M. Jamal and Additional District Magistrate Raje.