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To be accepted till March 30; scrutiny the next day

Nominations can

be withdrawn till

April 2

Media centre to open at Collectorate complex

KOLLAM: The nominations for the Lok Sabha election can be filed from Monday, District Collector and District Election Officer A. Shajahan said in a statement on Saturday.

Mr. Shajahan will accept the nominations for the Kollam Lok Sabha constituency at his chamber between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. till March 30.

The nominations can be submitted in form-A by either the candidate or the person who proposes. The deposit amount for a general category candidate is Rs.10,000 and for the Scheduled Communities, Rs.5,000. Each candidate has to submit a set of four nominations.

If the candidate is from a recognised national party, he can be proposed by one person. If the candidate is an independent or represents a registered party, there should be 10 proposers.

Scrutiny of the nominations will be on March 31 at Mr. Shajahan’s chamber in the presence of candidates or their nominated representatives. The last date for withdrawing the nomination is April 2. At 3 p.m. on that day, the final list of candidates will be published.

All candidates will have to file a statement on their election expenses regularly once in three days from the date of filing of the nomination.

On the directives of the Election Commission, a media centre will be opened at the collectorate complex on Monday. District Information Officer S. Nazar has been appointed the Election Media Officer.