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188 cases taken up at a sitting on Tuesday

14 cases in connection with harassment

MALAPPURAM: The Kerala State Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Commission will study the reasons for the failure of the government funds spent for SC/ST development in achieving the desired results.

Commission Chairman P.K. Sivanandan said here on Tuesday that the commission would examine why the development aid for SC/ST did not have its desired results. The commission will also suggest a remedy for it, he said.

Mr. Sivanandan was addressing the media during an adalat held by the commission at the Collectorate here along with members Sekharan Miniyodan and Rugmini Subramanyan. As many as 188 complaints were taken up at the adalat.

While most complaints were related to various developmental issues of the SC/STs, 14 cases were in connection with harassment and atrocities and 18 about land issues.

The commission solved a large number of complaints on Tuesday, including six cases of atrocities.

Five cases were referred to the District Superintendent of Police to investigate, including one in which a police officer had been alleged to have beaten up a complainant.

Lack of sanitation

The commission members said that complaints were plenty about lack of housing and sanitation facilities. Although there were many initiatives to help the SCs and STs, follow-up action was virtually nil in many cases, they said.

Utilities denied

The commission got 24 complaints about cases in which electricity and water connections were snapped by the authorities. Ms. Rugmini said that even though the government had given power and water connections at concessional rate to SC/ST colonies, the communities could not maintain them by making the payments in time.

“It is unfortunate that most of them do not know how to make the best use of the facilities they have been provided with,” Ms. Rugmini said.

The commission chairman added that a special study needed to be done in cases related to water and power disconnections.

Education scheme

The commission said that it would devise a scheme to educate the communities about their rights and facilities they were eligible for. The commission, however, obtained few complaints from the tribal people of Malappuram. The commission will visit the tribal colonies and listen to their problems, said Mr. Sivanandan.

He also said that the commission would take it seriously if it got any complaints about the misuse of funds meant for SC/ST development.