AILU State secretary says DGP and AG are taking a different stance on Ancheri Baby murder case

All India Lawyers Union (AILU) State secretary B. Rajendran has said that if P.J. Kurien is not removed from the post of Rajya Sabah Deputy Chairman, India will cut a sorry figure before the world as he would be chairing the debate on the Bill for women protection in the Upper House soon.

Talking to presspersons here on Thursday, Mr. Rajendran said it was the duty of Chief Minister Oommen Chandy and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi to remove Prof. Kurien from the post and conduct a reinvestigation into the Suryanelli rape case.

He said the recommendations of the Director General of Prosecutions (DGP) that a reinvestigation was not necessary on the basis of police reports and court verdicts were ridiculous. “The findings of the DGP that there was no new evidence or revelation are bizarre. The verdict of the single bench [of Kerala High Court] exonerating Prof. Kurien was weakened by the Supreme Court verdict which set aside the High Court division bench verdict exonerating all but one of the 36 accused in the case.

The petition of Prof. Kurien [seeking his exoneration] and single bench’s verdict had heavily depended on the Division Bench’s verdict. The foundation of the Single Bench’s verdict has shaken when the verdict [of the division bench] was cancelled [by Supreme Court],” he said.

He pointed out that the division bench’s verdict had cancelled the punishments by pointing out the “inefficiency of the police investigating team.” It was after this that the single bench found the same investigation credible and accepted the police exoneration of Prof. Kurien. The legal standing of the single bench verdict, which was against the division bench verdict, could be re-examined. The revelations of K.S. Rajan, Annamma, S.P. Joshua and the accused Dharmarajan weakened the alibi of Prof. Kurien which the police based to exonerate him, he said.

“Why did the police take up the responsibility of proving the alibi, when it was the duty of the accused?” Mr. Rajendran asked.


He pointed out that the DGP and Advocate General, who had given recommendations in the Suryanelli case to the effect that the statements that were not told to the court 17 years ago could not be accepted now, gave contrary recommendations in the Ancheri Baby (youth Congress worker) murder case. “How can the accused Mohandas who gave a statement which he had not told the court 30 years ago be credible [to the AG and DGP]?” he asked.