: Employees and officers of Spices Board has launched an organic farm at the Board headquarters here with help from Kerala State Horticulture Mission.

The venture was meant to promote the concept of organic farming, said a press release from the Board here on Sunday.

Board chairman A. Jayathilak inaugurated the farming venture, which involves use of 350 grow bags, of which 250 were provided by the State Horticulture Mission. Slurry from the bio-gas plant functioning outside the canteen of the Board headquarters will be used as fertilizer for the farm. Spinach, lady’s finger, green chilli and brinjal are being grown in the organic farm.

The second phase of the organic farming venture will involve planting of spice trees and plants within the Board office premises. The Board also planned to distribute grow bags to Spices Board employees with the help of the Horticulture Mission, the press release added.