Special Correspondent

Body to regulate institutions

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The Governor has promulgated an Ordinance providing for constitution of Para Medical Council in the State. The Council will be responsible for registration of paramedical technicians, registration of institutions imparting training to such technicians and regulation of their qualifications.

The Ordinance makes recognition of the Council mandatory for paramedical and training institutions and their courses. The Council will have powers to withdraw recognition if they fail to comply with its conditions. Registration will be mandatory for paramedical technicians also. Persons practicing without registration can be prosecuted under the law.

The Council will have the directors of Medical Education, Health Services, Radiation Safety and Public Health Laboratory and the Secretary of the Council as its members. Besides, a member each will be nominated to the Council by the Government from among the registered medical lab technicians, registered ophthalmic assistants, cardiovascular technicians, X-ray technicians, dialysis technicians, operation theatre technicians, hospital assistants and health inspector diploma holders of the State.

Three members will also be nominated from among qualified medical practitioners' association. They should have a minimum of 10 years of standing in the respective paramedical branch. In addition, three members will be nominated from among non-governmental organisations working in the field of public health. The term of non-official members will be three years. The Government will appoint one of its members as president and another as vice-president.