Disallowing Open Forum from this year’s IFFK did not dishearten the film lovers, who went on to express their freedom of expression by setting up a parallel open forum outside the premises of the ongoing IFFK.

It was only apt then that the final session of the Open Forum focused on the topic ‘Freedom of expression and dissent.’

Papilio Buddha

At the final Open Forum held in connection wit the International Film Festival Kerala (IFFK) 2012 here in the city on Thursday, the main issue raised was the insensitivity on the part of the government in stopping a private screening of the controversial film Papilio Buddha here in the city.

According to actor Prakash Bare, art house cinema is always a prime target for censorship. “Those who want to impose such a restriction are least bothered about restricting the content in television or social media. While commercial filmmakers have their way around the Censor Board, no one is bothered about art house cinema. Instead of censorship, there should be classification of films based on the content,” said Mr. Bare.

Speaking on stopping the private screening of the film, which had received the censorship certificate, film enthusiast J. Devika said through such an act, the State was far from acting on their duty but was enforcing its paternal power on the people.

Even theatre plays were not left free from such a form of restriction, said theatre artist Reghuthaman.

According to him, only the artist can decide what and how his world of art should be.

The last parallel Open Forum of this IFFK discusses the freedom of expression and dissent.