14 have turned hostile after start of trial

Three more prosecution witnesses turned hostile during the trial of the T.P. Chandrasekharan murder case at the Special Additional District and Sessions Court (Marad cases), Eranhipalam, here on Wednesday.

With this, the number of witnesses turning hostile reached 14. Special judge R. Narayana Pisharadi declared them hostile under Section 154 (question by party to his own witness) of the Indian Evidence Act. Special prosecutor P. Kumarankutty sought to declare them hostile when they began retracting the statements they had given to the police during the investigation stage.

The case relates to a gang hacking to death the Revolutionary Marxist Party leader at Onchiyam on May 4, 2012. Those who turned hostile on Wednesday were Sherlet of Pulppally, P. K. Pratyush of Kannur West, and Mukundan of Kunduchira, Kannur.

Sherlet, receptionist with Lindas Lodge, Koothuparamba, had to testify that the fourth accused and one of the alleged assailants T.K. Rajeesh had stayed in the lodge after killing Chandrasekharan.

However, he told the court that he had not given any statement that the 33rd accused Shanoj, aka Kelan, had called him on the phone and booked a room in the lodge and that he had arrived there along with Rajeesh around 11.30 p.m. on May 4, 2012.

He denied having given a statement to Kuttiyadi Circle Inspector V.V. Benny that both the accused had been allotted room number 2002 of the lodge.

In his deposition, Mukundan, who was a witness during a search carried out by the police at the residence of the 41st accused M. Saneesh, told the court that he was not his neighbour.

Saneesh was accused of arranging an autorickshaw for M.C. Anoop (first accused), Kodi Suni (third accused), K.K. Mohammed Shafi (fifth accused), and K. Shinoj (seventh accused) from Kunduchira in Thalassery to the Koothuparamba area committee office of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) and taking another accused on a motorbike.

Pratyush told the court that he had not taken the accused in his autorickshaw to the Koothuparamba area committee office of the CPI(M). He also failed to identify the accused in court.

Two witnesses had turned hostile on Tuesday.

The prosecution had stated that it would submit a fresh list of witnesses in the court.

  • Witnesses retract statements given

    to police

  • Prosecution to submit fresh list of witnesses