Orders meet on hospital waste water disposal

Ombudsman for Local-Self Government Institutions Justice M.N. Krishnan has directed the authorities of the Kozhikode Government Medical College Hospital and the Kozhikode Corporation to convene a meeting to find a solution to the problems arising out of discharge of waste water from the medical college hospital to its neighbourhood.

The Ombudsman’s directive came in response to a petition filed by K.P. Abdul Lathif, a resident in the hospital’s neighbourhood.

He had produced news published in a Malayalam daily newspaper in support of his charge that discharge of waste water from the hospital had made life hell for residents near the hospital. The Kozhikode Corporation secretary and the Principal of the medical college were present when the Ombudsman issued his order.

On another complaint, the Ombudsman ordered speeding up of work for widening of the Mankavu cemetery – Methottuthazham road.

The complaint was filed by P. Jaison who pointed out the validity of permission granted for land acquisition ended on July 13, 2011 and sought a directive for completion of the road-widening work.

During the sitting held at the conference hall of the district panchayat, the Ombudsman examined 12 complaints from Kozhikode district, and 11 from Wayanad.

As many as 11 complaints were settled.