The UDF councillors have alleged that the proposals in the City Corporation budget presented by Deputy Mayor P.T. Abdul Latheef on Thursday are just repetitions of the last year's budget.

Addressing a news conference here on Thursday, Congress leader M.T. Padma, Indian Union Muslim League leader K. Mohammedali and Socialist Janata Democratic councillor P. Kishenchand, said that only 35 per cent of the projects drawn up last fiscal had been completed. The funds of most of the schemes had not been properly utilised. They said that the City Corporation had won accolades during the 2000-2005 period for utilising over 80 per cent of the allotted funds.

Mr. Kishenchand said that the Corporation would struggle to spend even 60 per cent of the allocated funds even if the State government extended the period for implementing schemes in the city. A civic body had to compulsorily use at least 70 per cent of the funds. Otherwise the funds would not only be lapsed, but the government would proportionately reduce the allocation for the next plan period. Mr. Mohammedali said that the budget had totally neglected the coastal regions in the city. These wards had not been given any priority schemes.

The proposal for feeder and links roads was unsuitable for the city. Kozhikode required ring roads. No proper study had been carried out to solve the traffic congestions, he said.

  • ‘No priority schemes for coastal areas'

  • ‘Feeder, link roads unsuitable for city'