: The Indian Nurses Parents’ Association (INPA) will launch an agitation against the alleged move by banks to deny education loanees the benefits declared by the Union government.

Addressing a press conference, INPA State vice-president Hariprasad said the Bankers’ Association had issued new guidelines to banks that were intended to bypass the government order. “The Union government had, a few months ago, announced a moratorium on educational loans borrowed up to March 2009, and outstanding as on December 2013. The government had declared that it would provide the banks Rs.2,600 crore as interest subsidy as part of the scheme. But, banks had put stipulations that made it difficult for loanees, Mr. Hariprasad said. Loan holders were being compelled to renew the loans and submit several documents. Such measures were intended to deter loanees from availing themselves of the benefits of the Central scheme,” he said.

INPA district secretary K.J. Sheela said the families of educational loanees were being threatened by officials. She said nearly half the number of educational loanees were pursuing nursing programmes. “Loans were given at very high interest rates ranging from 12 per cent to 19 per cent,” she said.

Attachment threat

Several financially-disadvantaged families had been forced to resort to attachment of properties owing to the delay in repaying loans.

The association will take out a protest march to the Lead Bank premises on Tuesday demanding that the banks adopt a more lenient stance towards loanees by providing them the benefits of the Central scheme and withdrawing from measures that further burdened them. Unaided School Teachers’ Union State president Jaison Joseph will inaugurate the demonstration.