The district committee of the Indian Nurses’ Association (INA) has warned that the association will resume the agitation against hospital managements in protest against what it calls subversion of the Dr. Balaraman commission report through the announcement of the Industrial Relations Committee (IRC) report.

INA district office-bearers Libin Thomas and Vineeth Krishnan said at a press conference here on Friday that the exaggerated pay revision announced by the government the other day on the basis of the IRC report fully undermined the Balaraman commission report.

The IRC report endorsed the arguments of the hospital managements that had strongly protested the Balaraman commission report last year. If the hospital management was trying to sabotage the pay revisions unanimously accepted by the Labour Department and various trade unions, the INA would go for a mass agitation, they said. The association also said there was no basic change in the trainee system in the hospitals. Even when the nursing staff produced certificates proving their qualification and other related documents, they were often retained as trainees and given paltry salary.

The demands of the association, therefore, included formation of a Nursing Directorate, termination of the nursing trainee system, and implementation of the Balaraman commission report, among others.

The INA would hold the Secretariat march on May 20 to raise these demands, they said.