The Nair Service Society (NSS) has said that it is not inclined to welcome anyone to assuage its sentiments in the controversy over the induction of the fifth Minister for the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML).

In a press note issued at Perunna on Monday, NSS general secretary G. Sukumaran Nair rejected any scope for talks on the matter, as he believed that those who were part of the problem could not be part of the solution.

Taking a serious view of the comments made by IUML quarters on the NSS stand on the fifth Minister and the slogans raised by IUML activists against the NSS during their ‘victory parade' following the induction of Manjalamkuzhi Ali into the Cabinet, which, according to him, was not conducive to communal harmony, Mr. Nair said that the NSS had kept restraint even in the face of such provocations.

The NSS had a clear stand on the issue of Cabinet expansion, he said pointing out that it had not questioned the demand of the IUML for the fifth Cabinet berth.

At a time when gross communal imbalance existed in the administrative level, if a Cabinet reshuffle was implemented in such a way that it upset the already existing imbalance, that would lead to communal polarisation and challenge the secular, democratic credentials of the nation.

“As such, the NSS wanted the reorganisation of the Cabinet to be carried out in such a way that the delicate communal balance was not affected,” he said.

Whether it was the inflexible stance taken by the IUML or not, or the weakness of the Congress in taking decisions, the way the issue was handled went against the wishes of the majority community.

The decision had not only disturbed communal harmony but also the functioning of the administrative machinery. The reshuffle of portfolios which followed had only helped to worsen the situation, Mr. Nair said.

He said the NSS had no specific interests in the issues related to the fifth Cabinet berth for the IUML or the Cabinet reshuffle that followed.

Those who criticised the stance taken by the NSS did it with an eye on establishing their own sectarian interests, he alleged.

The NSS was committed to safeguarding democratic principles, secularism, and communal harmony in the country and would not fail to speak out if found necessary, he added.