Staff Reporter

KOCHI: The Social Science textbook for Class VII does not have any objectionable content against religion, but the government should resolve certain other shortcomings in the newly introduced textbooks, V.R. Krishna Iyer, former Supreme Court judge, has said.

Addressing a press conference organised by the State Janakeeya Prathirodha Samithi here, Mr. Krishna Iyer came down heavily on those organising protests demanding withdrawal of the textbook.

“People raising slogans of communalism are working against the interests of the country. There is nothing derogatory against religion in the Social Science textbook,” he said.

Teaching aspect

Pointing out that certain lapses had crept into the new curriculum, Mr. Krishna Iyer said that teaching should be given adequate emphasis in education. Learning alone was not enough for the overall growth of a student. Children in lower classes should be taught alphabets. Besides teaching of history, they should also be taught subjects such as environment.

Stating that it was dangerous to adopt a curriculum aping the models followed in the West, Mr. Krishna Iyer said that students should be taught Indian history and culture. Teachers should take the lead in cultivating curiosity among students, Mr. Krishna Iyer added.

In a press release issued here, V. Venugopal of the Janakeeya Prathirodha Samithi demanded withdrawal of all new textbooks.

He said the new curriculum had failed to identify the basic learning tools for children. The Samithi will organise an agitation demanding the withdrawal of the new textbooks if the government fails to take corrective measures.