Film: Praise the Lord

Director: Shibu Ganghadharan

Cast: Mammootty, Reenu Mathews, Ahmed Siddique, Akansha Puri

The film opens with chants of ‘Praise the Lord’ at a prayer meeting in Delhi, alternates with scenes at a discotheque, moves to Goa to introduce the protagonist, and then to Pala in Kerala where he lives a quiet life. They appear like parts that do not fit into a whole, and the rest of the movie follows suit with a screenplay that has too many loose ends. Coupled with weak direction, the film fails to hold your attention.

The fact that ‘Praise the Lord’ is the film adaptation of Paul Zacharia’s delightful novella of the same name is no consolation either.

Shibu Ganghadharan’s directorial debut, while attempting to bring alive on screen characters and situations from the literary work, misses out on its essence. The life of an easy-going planter from Pala, who likes to confine himself to his home and how his views on love are influenced by a couple on the run would have been a great watch. But not one character including that of the protagonist, has been well fleshed out. Attempts to incorporate social commentaries fall flat. The result is a film that is superficial at best and absurd at worst.

Mammootty as Joy, the planter, looks lost in a role not supported by a solid screenplay. Ahmed Siddique and Akansha Puri, as the odd couple, instead of evoking laughs from the audience, only manage to irritate them.Sharika C.