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DLTAC, DPT of Kannur, Kasaragod to meet on June 29, 30

KANNUR: Uncertainty grips the process of finalising the annual plans of local bodies in the district before the deadline on June 30 owing to the delay in completing the preliminary works caused by the non-posting of the District Planning Officer (DPO), who is to take the initiative to expedite the works.

With the Kasaragod DPO, who has been given additional charge of Kannur, retiring on June 30, finalisation of the annual plans of the local bodies in the district before the deadline is all set to be a hectic last minute effort.

The post of the DPO in the district has been lying vacant since February 28.

The DPO is the convener of the District Level Technical Advisory Committee (DLTAC) and the District Planning Committee (DPC). To meet the deadline set to secure the approval for the annual plans, meetings of the two committees are slated for June 29 and 30 respectively.


The projects of the local bodies for the next five years come up for review at the DLTAC. After the DLTAC review, they are sent for approval to the DPC before their execution by the local bodies.

The process of finalising the projects on June 29 and 30 is expected to be a cumbersome effort.

Kasaragod DPO Madhusoodhanan Nair says that Assistant Directors in the District Planning Office in Kannur will be given charge to attend to the process of finalising the annual plans.

As the process of examining and approving annual plans in Kasaragod, which has 36 grama panchayats, two Block Panchayats, two municipalities and the District Panchayat, is already over, he himself can convene or give charge to another officer to attend the DLTAC and DPC meetings in Kannur, he says.

Many local bodies

However, Kannur, being a bigger district with 81 grama panchayats, nine block panchayats, five municipalities and the district panchayat, it remains to be seen whether DLTAC and later the DPC can complete the process at their meetings. In case some projects fail to secure the DLTAC approval, they have to go back to the local body to revise it before submitting it again to the committee.

That means that the process of finalising the annual plan is unlikely to be completed by June 30.